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B. ELIQUIDS are the inspiration of YouTube reviewer and vaper, Phil Busardo,
reflecting his journey from smoking to vaping which began back in 2009.

With the smoker at the forefront of consideration and emphasis on transitioning smokers to vaping, Phil created a brand that:

  • Functions well in all tanks / atomizers
  • Formulated with a 60/40 PG/VG mix
  • Provides a “throat hit” similar to that of a cigarette
  • Provides full but not overpowering flavor to enjoy all day
  • Contains no artificial or natural sweeteners – just flavorings
  • Uses only the purest ingredients with no sacrifice in quality and safety for superior flavor and taste
  • Uses American-sourced nicotine.
  • Contains flavor profiles that encompass “something for everyone”
  • Is manufactured by industry leader, Molecule Labs, under ISO 7 clean room conditions.

1bottle BOTTLES

Delicious flavors that can’t wait to meet you! Available in our traditional 30 ml dropper bottle, 6 unique flavors. Crafted to perfection and sweetly kissed by mother nature! Contains no artificial sweeteners allowing for a rich satisfying one-of-a-kind-taste!


We looked at a traditional bottle of e-liquid and said “What if this was a little better?” So what did we do? We made it better! Now available – Precision tubes with our 6 premium eliquids, an incredible experience just got… better!

starter-strawberry-smallMY. VON ERL. STARTER KIT

Pleasure Simplified- Sleek and rechargeable mod with replacement cartridges packed with goodness. The taste you have been looking for paired with your new best friend!

pods-coconut-small163x197MY. VON ERL. LIQUIDPODS

Who said the fun has to end!?  Never miss a beat with Easy replacement cartridges! All the flavors you want and a few you may want to share! Your friends will love you! C’mon hook a brother up!