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“I was a pack a day plus smoker for almost 24 years. I had a desire to quit smoking motivated by my father’s smoke related health issues. I tried all the usual methods: gum, patches, and prescription drugs but nothing worked. I started researching electronic cigarettes as a smokeless nicotine delivery system in early 2009. By mid-2009 I had successfully transitioned from smoking to vaping and haven’t returned to cigarettes.

I quickly experienced a turnaround in my general health. After only a few months of being cigarette free, I regained my sense of taste and smell and found I was not so easily winded. I had been prone to upper respiratory tract infections which have been completely absent since I started vaping…

I started to experiment with different hardware and tried many different eliquid flavors, formulas, and nicotine strengths. My goal: to find the combination of eliquid and device that replicated my smoking experience the closest.

The flavors you will find in the B. line tell my story. In the beginning, I wanted something that closely resembled a cigarette so tobacco flavors helped me to make the transition.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered peach and watermelon and began experimenting with a wide variety of flavors. I use a balanced approach to the PG/VG mix with the goal of creating an eliquid line that worked well in a large variety of devices to reach the most people, while providing a satisfying throat hit. The B. E-Liquid line has been in development for over a year with the focus of applying the same due-diligence and completeness found in my reviews. B. Eliquids was crafted in the same spirit as my YouTube reviews with the main emphasis on being helpful to those that want to become smoke free.

I feel B. has something for everyone. Smokers who still want a cigarette or menthol taste will enjoy the Traditional Tobacco and Mint Tobacco flavors. Fruit lovers will get their fruit fix with the juicy Peach Watermelon. You can have your all day dessert with the Strawberry Pastry and Almond Cream Coffee. If you are looking for something truly unique then the Coconut Vanilla Yogurt is for you.

I have been fortunate to partner with leaders in the Eliquid industry to produce my brand. Great care was placed on quality of ingredients which is why all B. Eliquid flavors are sourced from Flavour Art, the frontrunner in flavor quality, science, and safety. As equally important was selecting a responsible and innovative manufacturer. I chose to work with Molecule Labs for their commitment to the highest manufacturing standards and state-of-the-art packaging technology.

I hope you find what I have found in vaping – a smoke free lifestyle, community, and lots of fun! My goal with B. Eliquids is to deliver some of the highest quality Eliquid that puts a delicious taste in your mouth, a smile on your face, and that pack of cigarettes in the garbage. Vape happy everyone!”

– Phil Busardo